Article written in Innovation about our ShakeAlarm EEWS

Posted on Apr 14, 2016 in News

An article, written by our Principal and Head Seismologist!



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RockFall continuing to make progress!

Posted on Dec 3, 2015 in News

Hi All!

Sorry we have been amiss as of late, but we have been busy!

We have installed another three RockFall systems in the last couple months, and repaired on that was damaged by vandals. These systems are currently going through their assessment and set up cycles and we are expecting all of them to be fully operational by the end of the month. It's a very exciting time, especially when you consider how long the road has been to get to a commercialized system!

We are also making in roads with our new product, QuakeMonitor - used for monitoring induced seismicity during fracking operations. We will advise more soon, but we are hoping to get a few systems out this year, despite the dismal performance of oil.

This is all for now.



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Certificate of Recognition (Safety) Obtained

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 in News

Hi All,


Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have obtained or Certificate of Recognition (Safety) from Enform in Canada.

This means that we meet the high standards of Enform in our office and field operations - it has been an extremely steep learning curve for us, but the HSE team has come together and pulled it out of the hat!

Everyone that has worked with us in the past, and will in the future, can be content that not only do we take care of our own, but we look after you as well!

Cheers for now!

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Comments (1) is up and running!

Posted on Jul 8, 2015 in News

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note, is up and running; we will be adding some more White Papers and extras as we progress, and will be tying it to RockFall Facebook page as well.

Props out to IG Web Design for keeping everything looking fine and consistent with all of our other marketing materials! 

Will be back soon; hope everyoone is enjoying the summer!


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More on ShakeAlarm

Posted on Jun 5, 2015 in News

Hi All;

First, I must apologize - I am the worst blogger in the world. I have thought about seeing if someone would like to blog on my behalf, but the truth is, only I can blog in my voice.

ShakeAlarm® is exploding all over the West Coast; just last week we did a presentation in Seattle and folks there are looking at deploying systems in Seattle, and around the Puget Sound. It is a very exciting time because we are the only commercially proven EEWS out of Canada, and most of the United States.

We have expanded ShakeAlarm®s sales net too - we now have representation on Vancouver Island, and through our American partners out of Oregon.

Remember, come visit us at and give us a 'like' at

Our Facebook page is already 800 likes strong and growing on a daily basis!

Again, I apologize for being such a horrid blogger - I will attempt to do better.

Ciao for now!

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Posted on Apr 16, 2015 in News

Hello All!

Apologies for being somewhat distant, we have been really busy putting together all this new and good stuff!

First off; is up and running - and if I may be so bold, having some pretty fantastic results! We have already eclipsed 300 likes and are growing by 10 -12 likes a day!

Second, is getting a whole bunch of new documentation, case studies and questionnaires! Be sure to go and check it out!

And finally, Oregons first earthquake early warning system (ShakeAlarm) has been installed in a brand new building, called the Radiator Building; very cool, be sure to check out

And once more, my apologies - I will try and be a better blogger!

Take care for now!



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Happy New Year; Goodbye Old Year!

Posted on Dec 31, 2014 in News

Hello All!

It is upon us once again - the end, and the beginning, over one second at midnight, tonight.

We have had a fascinating year - a fire last December postponed our move in until the latter part of February, And the contractors have just finished refinishing the finishing work they did before the fire!

But these are the things that make us stronger, wiser and want to get up in the morning. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. It's not easy, and in fact, sometimes you just want to throw your hands up in utter frustration and walk away. We don't do this. We buckle down and ready ourselves for the next challenge; no matter how big, or small - we are ready.

So what did we learn from the fire? It is better not to have them for one, but more to the point, it really brought our team together to assist with the move and the rush to over come the flooded building, the damaged walls and all of the soot.

But I learned something more - I realized that everyone that works here with us, wants to be here and wants to succeed, no matter what the adversity may be.

And that makes me a very proud member of the team.

We would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year, and we look forward to seeing where 2015 takes us!

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Christmas Party Lunch!

Posted on Dec 19, 2014 in News

Hi All!

Thank all of our folks who were up in the cold north for the last 5 weeks!  Now that everyone is back, we plan to celebrate Christmas with everyone at our annual lunch!  And then, everyone will go and shop until they drop!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Corefirst and Weir-Jones sign aggrement to promote ShakeAlarm in the United States

Posted on Oct 2, 2014 in News

Corefirst, , has just entered into an agreement with Weir-Jones to promote our EEW system, ShakeAlarm, into a number of markets in the United States.

Corefirst's unique, patented design allows for a cost effective solution in the world of seismic refits in Zone 1 earthquake areas, when the option of building new structures is not viable. This design allows for people to seek shelter within a structure if the Weir-Jones ShakeAlarm only allows for a few seconds of early warning.

We are of the opinion that by combining a structural solution, along with an EEWS, we are in a much better place to save lives, minimize damage to infrastructure and recover more quickly from a significant seismic event.

Corefirst and Weir-Jones - your total EEWS and structural solution.

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On using CAV and OBE in seismic monitoring of nuclear power plant

Posted on Sep 24, 2014 in News

Operating basis earthquake ground motion (OBE) is the ground motion for which those features of the NPP necessary for continued operation without undue risk to the health and safety of the public will remain functional (NRC Regulations, Appendix S to Part 50—Earthquake Engineering Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants). The operating basis earthquake ground motion is only associated with plant shutdown and inspection unless specifically selected by the applicant as a design input. Parameters of the OBE are estimated on the basis of integrated geologic, geophysical, and geotechnical investigations.

The USNRC (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1997) uses standardized CAV (cumulative absolute velocity) as one of the ground motion measures to determine whether a nuclear power plant must be shut down after an earthquake when the OBE ground motion is exceeded. Standardized CAV (EPRI 2006) is used in conjunction with response-spectral acceleration and velocity, and is a measure of a potential damage. CAV is calculated from the acceleration time history using integral formula by means of the standardized procedure (EPRI 2006).

For OBE exceedance to occur, the recommended criterion requires exceedance of both a response spectrum parameter and a damage parameter, referred to as CAV.

Weir-Jones, and our manufacturing arm Terrascience, has been maturing with the nuclear industry for many years. We have many of our analog seismic monitoring systems out, all over the world, and they run as well today, as they did when they were installed. we have, of course, grown with the industry as well, and this is shown in the evolution of our equipment for analog beginnings to pure digital accelerometers, recorders and software.

The above note outlines the criteria we have deployed in our acquisition software, AUTOTAR, to accommodate the required CAV measurements that all operating nuclear power plants (NPP) rely on for continued safe operation. We are very excited to see our clients update their analog systems to full on digital systems with our new software packages. Most exciting indeed!

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