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Corefirst and Weir-Jones sign aggrement to promote ShakeAlarm in the United States

Posted on Oct 2, 2014 in News

Corefirst, , has just entered into an agreement with Weir-Jones to promote our EEW system, ShakeAlarm, into a number of markets in the United States.

Corefirst's unique, patented design allows for a cost effective solution in the world of seismic refits in Zone 1 earthquake areas, when the option of building new structures is not viable. This design allows for people to seek shelter within a structure if the Weir-Jones ShakeAlarm only allows for a few seconds of early warning.

We are of the opinion that by combining a structural solution, along with an EEWS, we are in a much better place to save lives, minimize damage to infrastructure and recover more quickly from a significant seismic event.

Corefirst and Weir-Jones - your total EEWS and structural solution.

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Posted on Jun 26, 2014 in News

Hi all!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that is up and running!

We are hoping to build this into an online resource that is of assistance to everyone that lives in a high risk earthquake zone.

More to come!



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7.9 earthquake hits Alaska

Posted on Jun 24, 2014 in News

Hi All!

Yesterday, a 7.9 earthquake hit an island in the Aleutians called Little Sitkin Island. A wave was generated, but not big enough to do any damage, alarms were sounded for this, the largest earthquake recorded in the United States for many many years.

Hopping over to Google Earth shows that Little Sitkin is truly way out in the middle of nowhere - the earthquake actually occurred in the straights between between Little Sitkin and Semisopochnoi Island, close to the middle of Pratt Basin.

It does not look like anyone really lives in the 'Rat Islands', but the appears to be a couple of dirt landing strips, and not much else. No need for a ShakeAlarm; but I suppose it must have been a wild ride for anyone that was around when the shaking was going on!

This is yet another stark reminder that for those of us that live on the Pacific Rim, earthquakes are a part of our life, and will be until the end of time. So are we prepared? I have water, canned food and blankets - things we will need in the event of a large destructive quake, but what about the rest of the community? Apparently BC has some of the worst disaster preparedness communities in the country, and next to Alberta's floods last year, we in BC, are likely going to be the worst naturally occurring disaster in the recorded history of North America - not a title I am looking forward to receiving.

So what do we do? We communicate. What do the majority of the population do? They wait, and hope it isn't going to happen in their lifetime.

In the meantime, I suggest building your own earthquake survival pack at a minimum; and go, spend some time in learning about how susceptible we are to a large earthquake on the West Coast, and what could really happen when the Big One gets us.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing; but it could easily save your life.



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Posted on Jun 12, 2014 in News

Hi All!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that is live!

ShakeAlarm is a cost efficient Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) that we have deployed throughout the lower mainland, and up the Fraser Valley.

We plan on expanding the 'News' section on the ShakeAlarm site to keep everyone in BC up to date with this state of the art technology.

Many thanks to Brendan at IG Web Designs for continuing to make everything look AWESOME!



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Open House a Success!!!

Posted on Apr 28, 2014 in News

Hello All!

Back from a spectacular weekend after a phenomenally successful Open House last Friday!

Kim and Christoph from Brisco Manufacturing (the folks who manufactured our flooring system) gave an AWESOME presentation about the LVL product, and Iain from Weir-Jones also made a few comments to all who were here!

Perry and Chris, our resident finishing carpenters, put a big effort on in order to get the front reception area done, and it looks great!

We also got the opportunity to meet Brendan Reilly, our web/marketing designer - at last! He proved to be as affable in person as he has been over the phone for the last year +; we hope he will stay on with us and continue to produce these very attractive pieces for marketing!

The caterers were lovely, and one of the shrimp wraps attacked me and stained my shirt - about the only fail we suffered. The caterers remedied the shirt with soda water and beer - beer for me, soda for the shirt!

And, we got an opportunity to showcase of Earth Quake Early Warning System, Shake Alarm - this amused a couple of kids as we had them try to 'induce' a seismic event in the building, then showed them how the accelerations were being captured on the monitor, lots of good fun!

All told, it was a great event, and only the beginning to the weekend...!



(And it would appear I have figured out how to post pictures...!)

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6.7 magnitude quake recorded on the NW corner of Vancouver Island...

Posted on Apr 24, 2014 in News

Hey everyone!

Just to let everyone know, our Earthquake Early Warning systems deployed throughout Vancouver captured last nights event!

Our system at the George Massey Tunnel captured the seismic data, but did not shut down the tunnel because there was not enough energy to meet the acceleration requirements of the Shake Alarm in order for the Shake Alarm to shut the tunnel down - no damage done!

It does bring to mind one question: Are we really ready for the Big One?

And blow we have a little more info and the plots on the quake! If it was a danger to us, we would have had 35 seconds warning, to close gates, leave buildings, shut down gas and electricty - lets hear it for technology!



Location of the quake: 49.846 N 127.444 W depth=11.4 km

Magnitude: 6.6

Local time at the epicenter: 20:10:12, April 24, 2014


Time of P-wave arrival at GMT: 20:11:15

P-S time difference: ~35 s

Epicentral distance: ~325 km


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Posted on Apr 15, 2014 in News

So here I am blogging away - day 2.

Funny how the move, which was pretty chaotic, is now settling down into a really nice place to work! We had our friend Ruxtin (super sweet doggy) in yesterday and he was delighted that everyone was giving him cookies; so much so that Michael had to secure Ruxtin so he wouldn't go and chase the ever elusive cookie!

And eventually, Gil and Colin will have the entire Shop Area ready so we do not have to dig around through 40+ years of stuff!!! An organized world is a good world!

The new ShakeAlarm™ is up and running at our new facility down by the river - tirelessly looking for the precursor P-Wave that arrives before the earthquake does; this gives us time to escape the building prior to the earthquake shaking our fillings out. Other areas we are developing markets for our Earthquake Early Warning Systems are Alaska, Oregon, California and Puerto Rico - we will have more on this later.

Carpentry continues with the new reception area just about finished - many thanks to Perry for this!

And seeing it is only Tuesday, I'll save a bit more for later in the week.



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