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RockFall continuing to make progress!

Posted on Dec 3, 2015 in News

Hi All!

Sorry we have been amiss as of late, but we have been busy!

We have installed another three RockFall systems in the last couple months, and repaired on that was damaged by vandals. These systems are currently going through their assessment and set up cycles and we are expecting all of them to be fully operational by the end of the month. It's a very exciting time, especially when you consider how long the road has been to get to a commercialized system!

We are also making in roads with our new product, QuakeMonitor - used for monitoring induced seismicity during fracking operations. We will advise more soon, but we are hoping to get a few systems out this year, despite the dismal performance of oil.

This is all for now.



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Posted on Jul 8, 2015 in News

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note, is up and running; we will be adding some more White Papers and extras as we progress, and will be tying it to RockFall Facebook page as well.

Props out to IG Web Design for keeping everything looking fine and consistent with all of our other marketing materials! 

Will be back soon; hope everyoone is enjoying the summer!


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Posted on Jul 23, 2014 in News

Hello All!

As we are all well aware, our relationships with the people around us tend to shape how our lives unfold - positive, pro-social relationships are always much more pleasant to be involved in, with both work and play, rather than negative, soul sucking relationships that do nothing but bring you down, tax you emotionally and are generally more effort than chopping a cord of wood. 

In business, I find similar type of relationship behaviors; we can tell the difference between when someone is using us to simply provide more paper for their requirements, versus folks that really want to develop an understanding of how our products function, and how they may in fact help these folks work better. I like to develop these kinds of relationships, for I am a believer that good relationships are the foundation of good business.

With the folks that use us, I suppose it is part of the course in business - I always treat everyone with the same respect; I like to believe in the good in people and that perhaps, after their requirements are met, maybe they will think about us for another job, later on. Maybe.

So up until the point where these folks of questionable intentions come back and buy an ADIS, Rockfall, or accelerometer, it just rolls of my back like water does to a duck.

Always respect those around you; you never know where (or how) it may come back and benefit (bite) you.



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A new week, a new perspective

Posted on Jun 16, 2014 in News

Hello All!

This week, we are expecting one of our RockFall Systems to go live; we are looking at a piece of track up the valley and we are very excited about this too! It has been a busy June with going live last week, and now the commissioning of a system is just about finished, we are very excited!

Also exciting is that summer is just around the corner, and after the horrid winter we all suffered through in Canada this year, a warm, sunny summer is in order.

Accelerometer production is going full swing; we have loads on the shelves, so don't be a stranger and source all your strong motion recorders and measurement devices from us!

Also on the boil - ELF and GNOME are coming back! More on that once we get through the next week; actually, a lot is happening in the next week.


Ciao for now!


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The last week...

Posted on May 12, 2014 in News

Hello everyone!

Apologies for being amiss last week; I was taken out of the office last week a little abruptly, so blame me.

AGS has made a showing in the Pipeline and Gas Journal; more can be seen here:

We are gearing up to go down to our next show in Scottsdale Arizona, to show Shake Alarm, Shake Monitor and our line of accelerometers - they were well received in Alaska, so we are hoping to keep the momentum going down in Arizona!

We are also actively pursuing new business for our Rockfall system in both Eastern Canada and Europe - busy busy busy! It sure will be nice to have more exposure on this state of the art system.

So I will effort to be more vigilant in my writing of this blog; and I am sorry for the dip last week!


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Open House Day!

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 in News

Hi Everyone!

Today marks our open house, and us being moved in 'officially' after the fire!

We are working with Brisco Manufacturing to showcase our AWESOME LVL interior and floor!

We are expecting to see 150 people through here today, and if I can ever figure out how to post pictures, we will. This whole blog thing is taking a little bit to get used to... For example, I find myself being hyper sensitive to spelling mistakes.

Soooo, if we don't see you here today, have a great weekend and we will see you soon!


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Back from Rail Safety 2014 in Orlando Florida

Posted on Apr 14, 2014 in News

Hello All!

Our first (of many to come...) blog post!

As you can imagine, Orlando, from Canada, at this time of the year is quite a pleasant change - especially considering how cold Canada has been over this last winter!

But this, was just the beginning.

Rail Safety 2014 opened our eyes to the many possibilities available to us from the rail industry. This year, our first at the conference, allowed us to discuss our RockFall™ system with attendees, however, we will have to wait until next year before we get an opportunity to present.

As a result of this conference for us, we will be able apply some of our proven technology to the market of rail in a way we had never really considered. We look forward to what this next year will hold; keep watching our website for these exciting updates, and keep reading here for many more entries.

And hopefully, in short order I will be able to post in a more fluid manner - blogging is something new to me; please bear with me.


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