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Discrete Resistance Type Foil Sensing

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Discrete Resistance Type Foil Sensing

The weldable full-bridge strain gauge is a basic long-term solution for pipeline strain monitoring applications.  Foil gauges are mounted to stainless steel shim in a full bridge orientation and then encased in an IP68 mould.  Cables are routed to a central location where strain gauge conditioners and data acquisition equipment is housed.  The grouping of resistance foil gauges which are mounted at each of the desired locations will make up a “Station.”  The station will be connected to the data collection unit located at a distance of up to 1km away.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Discrete Resistance Sensing:

+ Basic application topology, easily applied into minimal pipe exposures.
+ Large strain range allowing for long term measurement.
- As system is scaled up, complexity and distances become an issue.