Weir-Jones Group

Weir-Jones partners with South Korean company

March 4, 2013, VANCOUVER, B.C.

The Weir-Jones Group has entered into a global partnership with Dong-A Geovan Co., Ltd. of South Korea, a manufacturer and distributor of sensor solutions for construction safety and unmanned automatic data collection applications.

The company will be The Weir-Jones Group’s qualified and preferred Korean partner for all of its solutions. Its alliance with Geovan is in addition to existing Weir-Jones partnerships in Argentina, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Zambia.

"This partnership is an example of how successful manufacturers can enhance their contact with internationally experienced and intellectually capable firms around the world to facilitate closer relationships with customers and achieve an enhanced global presence," says Iain Weir-Jones, president of The Weir-Jones Group.

Weir-Jones for 40 years has offered innovative and sustainable engineering solutions that maintain a green and safe ecosystem in Canada and around the world and help prevent marine and rail accidents and offer early warnings for earthquakes and other seismic events. Located in Busan, Korea, Geovan since 1996 has effectively delivered affordable monitoring systems through process innovation, measurement, collection and the data analysis of stored information, which have played a large role in preventing negligent accidents. Its products include special purpose instruments to monitor subtle displacement of structure and ground movement.

The partnership will help The Weir-Jones Group attract new business in the growing South Korean market for advanced technologies where there is an exceptional platform for scientists and engineers from around the globe to offer innovative solutions and connect with South Korea’s high quality objectives. In addition, South Korea is home to a handful of successful engineering solution providers, including Geovan, which give The Weir-Jones Group and Geovan an opportunity to share their experience and increase their business in South Korea.