Weir-Jones Group


Providing Innovative Real-Time Engineering Solutions to Clients Worldwide

Weir-Jones has been providing custom data collection, analytical services, and project management solutions to clients in the Resource, Civil Construction, Marine, and Defense industries since 1971. Based in Vancouver, Canada, with a satellite office in Fort McMurray, the heart of Canada’s heavy oil industry, Weir-Jones is able to provide complete system design, manufacture, and commissioning services to meet each client's specific needs.


 Weir-Jones Engineering Consultants Ltd.
The Company was founded in 1971 to provide specialized structural and geomechanical monitoring and testing services to the resource and transportation sectors. The Company’s capabilities subsequently expanded in the areas of data processing and testing system design; the application of this expertise has been extended considerably, notably in the fields of structural integrity monitoring for heavy structural, energy, and offshore systems. The Company has its headquarters in Vancouver and has been active in projects in 55 countries. The Company has maintained branch offices in St. John’s, Newfoundland; Fort McMurray, Alberta; and Oakville, Ontario. Typically, more than 90 percent of the Company’s projects incorporate elements of system design, data acquisition, system planning, data collection, analysis, and redesign. Clients typically retain the Company on a project basis in order to characterize a problem, develop a solution, and evaluate its effectiveness.


 Weir-Jones Engineering Ltd.
Founded in 1983, Weir-Jones Engineering Ltd. produces proprietary monitoring and analytical systems for clients in the defense, marine, construction, and mining industries. These systems provide a turnkey solution to the client’s needs; and, typically, they incorporate proprietary hardware, firmware, and custom software.  Ongoing support services are also provided in North America and overseas.


 Terrascience Systems Ltd.
Terrascience was incorporated in 1972 to manufacture and distribute sensors and the associated electronic readout equipment for use in the environmental, geotechnical, and structural industries.  Since 1978, the Company has been very active in providing instrumentation systems to the geomechanical, oil & gas, defense, mining, and heavy industries in North America and in the Arctic offshore areas. As a result of this experience, Terrascience has gained a reputation throughout the industry as a reliable supplier of rugged, dependable real-time systems, which are also cost effective. Terra Technology products became a valued extension to our equipment line in 2002 when Terrascience acquired the exclusive license to manufacture and sell the Terra Technology Corp. line of accelerometers. Terrascience offers integrated turnkey 24-bit seismic and acoustic emission monitoring systems.


 Vibratek Services (1987) Inc.
Vibratek has a worldwide reputation for the successful design and modification of very large mills. The company has extensive experience in the investigation and analysis of mill and kiln systems. This includes stress, fatigue, and torsional vibration studies as well as the design and implementation of strategies intended to reduce operating and maintenance costs. Our areas of specialization include design of new mills, field services and equipment remediation, re-engineering services, and equipment procurement.


 Weir-Jones Offshore Instrumentation Inc.
Weir-Jones Offshore primarily serves clients operating companies in the oil and gas sector, platform designers, contractors, governmental agencies, and certifying authorities providing expert assistance in planning and executing instrumentation and monitoring programs for offshore structures. We also provide expertise in the analysis and reporting of performance data. Typical projects include monitoring gravity base structures, subsea pipelines, jack-ups, and artificial islands. The company has provided instrumentation and acquisition system design for numerous offshore structures and marine systems. In addition to extensive experience in Canadian and US Arctic waters, the Company has provided instrumentation for offshore projects in Russia and for jack-ups operating out of Singapore. Our Expertise has been employed in the following areas: Arctic Artificial Island Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring Systems, Canadian Oil and Gas Lands Administration, Hibernia Structural and Foundation Monitoring Systems.