Weir-Jones Group

IMSM Impact Article on Weir-Jones

IMSM impact, Issue 94 Canada Edition

Weir-Jones Group is a global leader in the design, manufacture and provision of solutions in a variety of industrial applications, and is involved in a range of sectors, including transportation, structural, mining, and oil and gas.

Their solutions range from hand-held portable instruments capable of monitoring single or multiple projects, to permanently installed systems that can monitor many different nodes on a 365/24/7 basis. work more efficiently. 

The Group is highly specialized and primarily implement products that can measure a number of different variables, including velocity, acceleration, strain, load and pressure to name a few, and then use these measurements so end users have a better understanding of their infrastructure.
For example, they have various types of systems to monitor the condition of pipelines which assures the operators of correct operation. They also designed a seismic early warning system (EEWS) which measures the first P-wave to determine whether or not to shut down tunnels, bridges, oil and gas lines, and elevators in highrises before the earthquake's more damaging S-wave hits.

Initially the company sought ISO certification to demonstrate their efficiency and organizational capabilities. But what they got was a lot more.

Colin Cindrich, Project Manager, explained, "We're now able to work more efficiently, meet and improve processes, and streamline opportunities for new client acquisition."
ISO 9001 :2008 has enabled them to enhance their management and professional processes in adhering to practices which increase efficiency and streamline their engineering and design. They have also seen benefits on the manufacturing side with improved production and quality. And because they're able to 
track everything, they can quickly and easily identify areas for improvement.
"We strive for the highest standards and are committed to ongoing improvement," expressed Cindrich. To demonstrate their dedication, they' re considering additional certification, including ISO 17025:2005 Laboratory Competence and 14001:2004 Environmental Management System. In the meantime, they will continue to keep a pulse on topics such as pipeline monitoring and seismic activity that can provide information reassuring to the public.
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