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DSA Accelerometers

Triaxial Down-Hole Accelerometers

The Terra Flex DSA 320 Series Down-hole Servo Accelerometers offer an unparalleled combination of high performance and excellent stability. Housed in Terra™'s compact accelerometer package, the small size and convenient single bolt attachment allow the DSA-320 triaxial accelerometer to be installed with a footprint that is as small as, or smaller than, most uni-axial force balance accelerometers. The SSA-Series electronics employ surface mount technology and modular design with low power consumption of only 5mA per axis. Circuit cards and sensor elements are designed with connectors for easy removal and maintenance.

The DSA Series has several variants in addition to Standard:

 D - Digital

DSA-D Servo Down-Hole Accelerometers convert the acceleration to a 24-bit digital number and transmit it through industry standard digital interfaces including RS232 and RS485.

 SLN - Super Low Noise

DSA-SLN Servo Down-Hole Accelerometers provide 144dB typical dynamic range with a noise floor of less than 0.5μg. The exceptional linearity (<0.05% error) with low cross-axis error and virtually no hysteresis make the SLN the ideal choice for high dynamic range seismic data acquisition where sensor accuracy is critical.

There are also additional options for the DSA series:

 Indexing Tip - For alignment using inclinometer tubing

 Point Tip - For insertion into soil