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WJE Awarded Large Scale Pipeline Strain Monitoring Project in Northern Canada

Weir-Jones Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce it has been awarded a large scale strain and temperature sensor installation project in Northern Canada. The sensors are part of a Structural Integrity Monitoring System (SIMS) for multiple pipelines traversing a geohazard.

The SIMS will be connected to WJE’s proprietary Wireless Strain Monitoring System (WSMS) modules and OmniMonitor® real-time data acquisition units. This will provide the operator with critical strain, deformation, pressure anomaly and temperature data on their pipelines. The real-time data is available on a custom-designed data visualization portal where engineers receive a snapshot on the pipeline’s integrity status.

To learn more about WJE’s Pipeline Strain Monitoring Systems, or to book an online webinar on our monitoring technologies, contact or call our office at (604) 732-8821.